Engaging Virtual Events & Webinars

If you’re aiming for more engagement and conversion across your digital marketing channels, virtual events and webinars are one of the most powerful ways you have to catch more attention and compel more people to experience what you have to offer.

Of course, the content you present needs to be professionally produced and your message needs to be one people are hungry to hear. But before you worry about the effectiveness of your message, you need a virtual event solutions and webinar services expert to make sure the right people find out about, and opt-in to, listening to you in the first place.

Your registration & attendance guarantee

Whatever tech or SaaS insights you have to share with your audience, MyOutreach offers virtual event production and webinar hosting services underwritten by a guarantee to deliver the number of registrations required to lock-in success – in certain cases we can guarantee attendance, too.

With MyOutreach as your virtual event and webinar production partner looking after all the logistics and promotion, you have the space to focus on building relationships and driving conversions, with peace of mind knowing your online engagement strategy is in great hands.

B2B Virtual Events & Webinars:
Make more meaningful connections with your audience


Virtual Events

With our access to over 140M decision makers business card information, you can access a whole new scope of potential contacts that fit your ICP.


Audience Engagement

Using the latest software, all our leads are verified and GDPR compliant. We’ll even replace any rejected leads, giving you the opportunity to increase your conversion rate with ease.


Target Audience

Content syndication is a great way to drive top of funnel demand gen by publishing your content to a wider audience. It's a cost efficient and scalable way to reach net new contacts.


Fully Managed

Fully managed webinar service including hosting, recording, promotion and moderation.


Promotion Support

MyOutreach can drive registrations for your upcoming webinars.



If you already have some great webinars, MyOutreach can generate on-demand leads.

6 Steps to Success:
Virtual event planning & webinar marketing services to write home about


1. Foundation
Successful webinars require  a mix of knowledge, experience, technology, data and audience.  MyOutreach provides all this.


2. Planning
The more preparation that goes into your virtual event or webinar, the more successful it will be. But don’t worry, leave that stuff to us.


3. Promotion
Once you have the best possible virtual event or webinar planned, let us make sure your target audience knows all about it.


4. Registration
Ensuring prospects opt-in to your virtual event or webinar is a MyOutreach speciality – we even guarantee it.


5. Attendance
Registration is the first of two big milestones in successful virtual events and webinars, the second is making sure people turn up.


6. Execution
Making sure you put on an engaging, glitch-free show that people genuinely enjoy is a stress you don’t need – so give it to us.

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