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Success stories

You don’t need to take our word for it. Listen to some of our happy clients talk about how we helped them with their marketing objectives.

“MyOutreach delivered high-quality leads with the specific criteria that we were looking for.

In my opinion, the most important quality is the ability to react and solve any problem during the campaign with agility and speed. That’s the most important.”

– Senior Field Marketing Manager

“We partnered with MyOutreach to promote a webinar. They guaranteed us 25 registrants/leads, and we got 90 — > 3x what was promised. Lead quality was very good. 80% of our MQLs from the event came from MyOutreach.”

– Director of Demand Generation

“It was a first time for us working a lead gen company and it went great! The leads were qualitatives, the relationship with MyOutreach teams was smooth, they had a great onboarding process and the lead delivery was faster than expected. The activity allowed me to grow my marketing database faster than any other activities we had until now.”

– Senior Demand Generation Manager

“It has been great to work with My Outreach. They understood and delivered what I asked and needed and the team was always very attentive. Very professional.”

– Marketing Programs Specialist

“Been really impressed with MyOutreach since our very first exploratory call. From the start the team were very helpful, informative and collaborative, and that has continued ever since. The quality of leads, the speed at which the team work, everything…fantastic.”

– Senior Demand Generation Manager

“My Outreach did a thorough analysis of our needs versus their capabilities and helped us shape our lead program before and during execution to perfectly reach our goals. They speak our “lead language”, team up, are always responsive and proactive. A great pleasure and true help working with their professional individuals and whole team.”

– Senior Field Marketing Manager EMEA

“I’ve ran several different campaigns with My Outreach now and am in the process of renewing. I work with a lot of different vendors on similar campaigns and My Outreach has the best intent leads and the most targeted campaigns. They even provide sales enablement training as part of the marketing to sales handoff. Their pricing is competitive, every single lead they send me is qualified, and they are so easy to work with. I enjoy my interactions with their team, their campaigns produce excellent results, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

– Senior Demand Generation Manager

“Working with the MyOutreach team was great. they have been accommodating as well as fast in delivering. The quality of the leads was what we expected and agreed on. As a result, we went on working together on a second campaign that we are working on setting up now.”

– Director of EMEA/APAC Marketing

“Generating intent data leads is, for us, something very powerful, in the sense that our SDR team has then the opportunity to have qualified and targeted discussions with people who have an interest with what we provide.”

– Digital Marketing Manager

“Kudos on your patience and flexibility to adapt the content syndication campaign exactly to our needs. This is really the first time we work with a content syndication provider as cooperative as you are! Highly appreciated!”

– Senior Marketing Manager Europe

“We have been working with MyOutreach for the past year on behalf of our clients. The Content Syndication options they offer is great value and and the quality of the leads great as well. You can cover your BOFU to TOFU activities with them depending on your needs.

The team is great to work with, helpful and attention to detail is exceptional.

Looking forward to another successful year with new campaigns!”

– Media Planning Director

“Excellent results delivered by MyOutreach. I was impressed with their flexibility and results-oriented attitude. Our campaign was quite difficult to implement however MyOutreach went the extra mile and we managed to overachieve the target. Kudos to the entire team!”

– Principle Product Marketing Manager

“Great service with My Outreach, and specifically with Ryan. He has been very consultative and supportive in helping us to achieve our goals. The team feels like an extension of our own, as opposed to a traditional Sales team that only have their own best interests at heart.

Looking forward to continuing our partnership!”

– Head of Demand Generation

“I have worked with Ryan and his team for about 5 years now. They are a gem of an agency – they always set expectations just right, get me the leads I need, excellent quality, right people in the right organisations and are great at communication too. Highly recommend them as they are a great team and a pleasure to work with.”

– Marketing Manager EMEA

“Great team work with MyOutreach – always very prompt and positive response on any question, request or doubt I have. Very clearly structured process, great inclusion of the wider team through sales training on received leads and how to progress. I can highly recommend working with Ryan and Craig, as they have always come through for me and presented me with a wide range of super useful data and a great diversity of requested leads.”

– Principle Field Marketing Manager

“My Outreach delivered a fantastic sales alignment session for the team as part of the onboarding process in order to try and maximize value from the follow-up process for an upcoming campaign. The session delivered great knowledge from industry findings and covered best practices.”

– EMEA Marketing Manager

“I have enjoyed the professionalism of your team, I was happy with how quickly the leads came in. I was excited to see real global leads as opposed to the usual Americas leads I’ve received from other partners in the past. Thanks again to you and your team for all your hard work. You are so easy to work with!”

– Digital Marketing Strategist

“I’m impressed by how we have been working together. My Outreach always hears us and are willing to help as best as they can. Keep up good work!”

– Field Marketing Manager

“I highly recommend MyOutreach for your lead generation efforts. They were super responsive, supportive, flexible and made great recommendations to achieve our goal. One of the best teams that I’ve worked with in a long time!”

– Senior Demand Generation Manager

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