Better List Building

Getting your hands on great quality SaaS leads begins with intelligent list building by expert lead research and a finely-tuned approach. Our intent-data and ABM approach makes the difference to your conversion success.

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MyOutreach lead research

– Build better lists & understand your target SaaS audience
– Stay up to date with the latest market & industry trends
– Benefit from valuable tech insights & recommendations

MyOutreach: Your key to better list building

- Build bigger, better targeted lists of potential SaaS customers
- Efficiently procure and nurture key contact information
- Use technographics to identify and install lead research data
- Verify and clean leads to ensure integrity and accuracy
- Organise, segment and set-up lists for optimised marketing

When it comes to your list building and lead research, you want the best information by your side to drive business forward. You want MyOutreach.

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Our list-building services

B2B List Building & Lead Research:
Your B2B contact lists in the safest of hands

First Party Data

We have invested heavily into building our own proprietary database to give you the best quality blueprint for your campaign.

Contact Data

Up-to-date business card data is the key to success. This includes first name, last name, phone numbers, business email and job title.

Company Data

Get ahead with the latest firmographic data, such as company name, address, industry, revenue, employee size and number of sites.

Intent Data

Illuminate the dark funnel – by looking at what people are researching now, you can predict when they intend on making a purchase.

Install Data

Conquesting made easy! Strategically target specific software users with reliable technographic data.

ABM Data

Whether it’s 1:1 or 1:many, gain additional insights about your target accounts with up to date Account-specific data.

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